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Care Giver Game Plan 2017

Jael Brown cared for her Mom for five years before she was placed in a nursing home.  Through this loving experience she successfully mapped out an inclusive family group care plan.  After her Mom passed away, she decided to share her discoveries with the world in an attempt to make it easier on those going through the experience.  In this, she shines a proverbial light on this growing and persuasive changing family dynamic that is rapidly unfolding before us all.

Author Jael Brown

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“This is a short and wonderfully helpful guide if you have a loved one who is suffering from Alzheimer’s disease or any other sickness that requires caregiving. I can feel the unconditional love and strength of the writer just from reading her personal experiences as she, herself, had to take care of her Mom. If you are going through the same challenge, you can learn a lot from her tips and sound advices to help you get through this difficult phase positively. My heart goes out to people who have loved ones who suffer from such diseases and I applaud the resiliency and innate strength of those who take care of them and refuse to abandon. I highly recommend this book to all readers, because we never know what life offers and it’s always best to educate ourselves beforehand..”

Dawn M.

“Excellent, quick-read resource that includes practical ideas to involve out of town family and friends as part of the “team.” The book provides encouragement and understanding to those dealing with the challenges of becoming a care giver. Well written and recognizes the person behind the illness.”

Michele Croswell

Helpful hints on how to seek help and assistance during this sensitive time. This book explains how the family and an individual can make this time in one’s life easier to manage. While also being very honest on how it emotionally affects you.
Short & Sweet!

Eloise Daniels

Care Giver Game Plan 2017

This Book is designed to make the journey easier for family and friends of patients suffering with terminal illnesses.  The Author shines a light on how family deals with the many changes that occur for the patient as well as their immediate surroundings.  She express the importance of mapping out an all inclusive family group care plan to manage and give balance to the lives of the care givers.

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